Admin notice regarding Jonathan

Jonathan Addie was involved in a road traffic collision on 12th April which resulted in his hospitalisation. A statement has been issued from Jonathan’s immediate family:
“Jonathan has had surgery to relieve pressure on his brain and is currently in a medically induced coma. He is in a Stable condition at present. Jonathan’s whole family and partner would like to thank Neil & nurse that stopped to help Jonathan after the accident, all emergency services and the nurses and doctors at A&E and ICU. The family are deeply touched by the work that Jonathan’s fellow community of Photographers within Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire for what they are doing to support Jonathan’s business and honouring as many of his work commitments as possible. The response has been amazing and the family are eternally grateful for the Support and kindness shown during this time”
For all brides concerned, please rest assured a large number of photographers from the north east of Scotland and afar are coming together to support Jonathan during his time of need to help cover as many work commitments as possible. This is a timely process and you will be contacted in due course. For any concerns or to file your details for the photographers please contact the Grampian Wedding Directory at
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